An overview of what we do…

Bairaha Farms PLC, being the pioneer chicken processor in the country for nearly four decades, is the household name for chicken quality in Sri Lanka. The Company is committed to develop innovative products for its customers’ convenience, ensuring food safety, whilst enhancing their nutritional value.


What sets us apart from the rest?

Focusing on delivering the very best in poultry that nourishes the nation, Bairaha Farms PLC is an organization which not only comprises of its own breeding and processing facilities, but also coordinates with private farming establishments within the country in order to empower the livelihoods of several entities in the poultry as well as the agricultural industries in Sri Lanka. Henceforth, with state-of-the-art technology at our dispense, adhering to ethical sustainability initiatives is what epitomizes us as a business corporation, indeed.

Our Mission

While maintaining a sustainable organization, providing and supplying poultry products at competitive prices by utilizing efficient processes, advanced technology, economies of scale and vertical integration to maintain competitive prices with a view to expanding customer base, both locally and internationally.

Our Vision

To achieve complete poultry integration synergies, ultimately gaining export market competitiveness while promoting good environmental and sustainable business practices.