Founded by the late Mr M. I. M. Naleem Hajiar, The Bairaha Group is now led by a team of dynamic individuals who have been honing their skills in this business for a substantial period of time, along with being recognized by numerous leading associations both locally and overseas. Here they are, complete with their extensive portfolios.

Family members of the founder, M.I.M. Naleem Hajiar, owns more than 50 per cent of the shares in Bairaha Farms PLC. However, since Bairaha Farms PLC is a public listed company in the Colombo Stock Exchange, it had a total of 3,425 shareholders as at 31st March 2018. Even Employees Trust Fund Board owns 7.5 per cent shares in Bairaha Farms PLC.

Bairaha is truly a Sri Lankan company with wide-ownership.


1. Desamanya Prof M T A Furkhan Chairman
2. Yakooth Naleem Managing Director/Chief Executive
3. Kamil Naleem Executive Director
4. Riyal Yakoob Executive Director
5. Mubarak Naleem Executive Director
6. C L de Silva Director
7. Mohamed Imtizam Wahid Director Operations
8. Prof H Abeygunawardena Director


Desamanya Prof. M.T.A Furkhan


Desamanya Prof M. T. A Furkhan has been a dedicated figure in the arena of leadership, thereby exemplifying his roles for many to follow suit. Holding office in several governmental and private organizations (especially at CIMA as President), he has been recognized for his excellency in Business Administration by being awarded by institutions such as CIMA and FCCISL.

In addition to serving corporations with his superior knowledge and experience in maintaining business operations, Desamanya M. T. A. Furkhan was also avidly involved in the field of academics, and has been a lecturer for Accountancy and Management at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He was appointed the title of ‘Deshabandu’ in 1987, while his ‘Desamanya’ status was awarded to him in 2005 by H.E the President of Sri Lanka.


Yakooth Naleem

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yakooth Naleem is the CEO of the company. He has been the Managing Director since 1990. He has a BA Econ. (Hons.) Degree from the University of Manchester (formerly known as the Victoria University of Manchester) of the United Kingdom. He was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2000 – Merit Award in the Extra Large category in the Western Province by FCCISL. He was elected in January 2013 as the first Chairman of the newly established Standing Committee on Dairy & Livestock of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka.


Desamanya Charitha P. de Silva

Member – Board of Directors

Desamanya Charitha P. de Silva is presently Chairman of ID Lanka Ltd.

He was among other things a former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, the Sri Lanka Business Development Centre, Sri Lanka National Council of the International Chamber of Commerce, The Asian Leasing Association, Aitken Spence & Co. Ltd, and Lanka ORIX Leasing Co.Ltd.

He pioneered the Equipment Leasing Industry in Sri Lanka in 1980. He was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun Gold and Silver Star by the Japanese Government in 1988. This is the highest honour awarded to any Sri Lankan. He was awarded the Honour of Desamanya by the Sri Lankan Government in 1998.


Riyal Yakoob

Executive Director

Mr. Riyal Yakoob is the Executive Director of the Company. He worked as a Senior Assistant Accountant of Bairaha for 7 years and subsequently he was appointed as an Executive Director of the Company. In this position since 1990, he received his Higher National Diploma (Business and Finance) from the Southwest London College of the United Kingdom.


Ilyas Naleem


My. Ilyas Naleem originally worked in the company as an Executive Director from 1981 to 1983. Since then, he continues to be a Director without taking active participation in the company’s activities. He is engaged in the gem trade on his private capacity. He was also educated in the United Kingdom and has a Diploma in Business Studies awarded by the Business Language School of London in association with the Centre for Economics and Political Studies.


Kamil Naleem


Mr. Kamil Naleem has been a director of the company since 1984. He was previously looking after the operations of the Golden Rooster restaurant chain until the operation was discontinued. He was also educated in the United Kingdom.


Mubarak Naleem

Executive Director

Mr. Mubarak Naleem joined the company in January 1994 as an Executive Director and he was in charge of the supermarkets chain until it was discontinued. He was also educated in the United Kingdom.