Bairaha Farms PLC Recognises and Rewards Best Breeder Farm for 2017

Published on Friday, September 7, 2018 | Category: Bairaha Awards

Bairaha Farms PLC, Sri Lanka’s pioneer and leading chicken processors and suppliers, recently felicitated its best manager, Sampath Wijesekara in charge of two breeder farms for producing the most numbers of chicks per hen.

Bairaha recognises such achievements by its loyal employees, and encourages its employees to strive for the best results with best practices, for the mutual benefits of employees and the company.

Speaking on the achievement, Bairaha Farms PLC Head of HR Naveen De Silva said: “As a company we reward and recognise all our employees. From the breeder farm section, Sampath Wijesekara was selected as the best manager for his performance last year. We are recognising him with a foreign tour, together with his wife and we do this recognition on an annual basis to encourage and improve our employee performances. We also took his entire team on an outing and get together in hotel and recognised them to motivate them and further enhance their productivity. Since Sampath is the leader of his team, we are recognising him and his wife with a foreign tour.”

Sampath Wijesekara, along with his wife D.R.S. Renuka Dissanayake and their son were gifted with a trip to Dubai, while the employees of winning farm were awarded a hotel trip with gifts.

Bairaha Farms’ farm manager Sampath Wijesekera said: “It is an honour to be recognised with such a valuable award by Bairaha, and I vow that in the future I shall continue to strive two hundred times more to deliver better and more without disappointing. My employers (Bairaha) have always supported me with whatever I needed to accomplish my responsibilities and this has been a great strength for me to perfect my work with the farm.”

Also speaking at this event, Bairaha Farms PLC Managing Director Yakooth Naleem said: “Most of our managers manage one farm, but Sampath manages two, and its demonstrate his additional responsibilities and commitment towards Bairaha. We recognised him not only for taking up such a challenge, but also managed to deliver without disappointing, which is an achievement.”

Bairaha Farms PLC, being the pioneer chicken processor in the country for well over four decades, is the household name for quality chicken in Sri Lanka.

The company is committed to develop innovative products for its customers’ convenience, ensuring food safety, whilst enhancing their nutritional value. The mission of the company is to provide superior quality poultry and meat products that nourishes people’s health.



From left: Bairaha Farms PLC HR Head Naveen De Silva; Personal Administration Group Manager S.P. Kumaradasa; Mrs. D.R.S. Renuka Dissanayake; Farm Manager Sampath Wijesekara; Managing Director Yakooth Naleem; Executive Director Riyal Yakoob and Operations Director M.I. Wahid.