BAIRAHA is having Mutual Bond among OutGrower Broiler Farms

Published on Friday, November 1, 2019 | Category: News


Bairaha Farms PLC is the pioneer, large scale and quality poultry meat-producing Company in the country, having started its operations more than four decades ago. The Bairaha brand has already become a household name in Sri Lanka.

Recently the company felicitated and recognised the hard work of outgrower farmer K.D.M. Sunil in Pamunugama, Ja-Ela.

Since inception as a respected corporate entity, Bairaha recognises such achievements by its loyal suppliers as well as employees and encourages them to strive for the best results with best practices for the mutual benefits of its employees and the company.

Outgrower farmer Sunil said: “It is an honour to be recognised and Bairaha has always been guiding me and supporting me ever since I started the farm with only 50 chicks and now, I have 20,000 with an annual profit of Rs.5 million. Bairaha Farms PLC has always supported me with whatever I needed to accomplish my farm and this has been a great strength for me to succeed in.”

Bairaha’s joint-venture company, Fortune Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd., worked with over 1,000 farmers especially in the Monaragala and Anuradhapura Districts who supplied maize for feed production. With the acquisition of the drying and storage facility,

we can purchase maize from farmers during seasons and store it to meet future requirements, this, in turn, provides farmers a guarantee in the sense that they will always have a buyer for their harvest.

The company is committed to developing innovative products for its customers’ convenience, ensuring food safety whilst enhancing its nutritional value. The mission of the company is to provide superior quality poultry and meat products that nourish people.