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The modern and the newest Day Old Chicks sales Office of Bairaha Farms PLC was ceremonially opened by its Managing Director Yakooth Naleem on 28th October,2018.The ceremony was graced by the Executive Director Riyal Yakoob; the Director Operations Imtizam  Wahid; General Manager (Marketing Services) Claver Fernando; Senior Managers and Officers as well as many other prominent businessmen including Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers representing other Poultry Meat Processing Companies and Farms in the Country.

The new DOC Sales Office which is located at the heart of the Kochchikade Town off Negombo, enjoys a greater visibility and designed with the concept of modern and state of the art interior settings with the objective of enhancing the customer convenience as well as fulfilling its avowed and primary concern of ensuring that the customers receive an efficient and the highest quality of innovative service. The added advantage for the customers is the availability of ample parking space within the office premises.

The opening of this modern and aesthetically  constructed office signifies the embodiment of a new journey for Bairaha Farms Plc in that elaborate plans are already afoot to modernize and upgrade all its existing facilities such as its Head Office in Colombo with the latest interior designing in order to provide a new experience for all of their valued customers as well as to create a conducive  and fitting environment for it employees to carry out their assigned tasks with renewed vigor and overwhelming enthusiasm.

The Company markets Cobb 500 Day Old Broiler Chicks which is considered as the world’s most efficient broiler and having the lowest feed conversion of 1.5 per Kg. of live broiler. In the sale of day-old chicks, the Company has seen a considerable expansion of its customer base over the years to the extent of achieving remarkable growth in the last few decades and giving us the opportunity to remain as the market leader for broiler day old chicks. This feat was accomplished as a result of the excellent and unswerving patronage extended to us by all our day-old chick customers as well as their tenacity and resolve to always remain fiercely and resolutely loyal to the Bairaha Brand and the Breed. Even at times when they had faced testing and trying circumstances when they were forced to sell their produce at very much lower than the cost of production due to poor market conditions, they nevertheless stayed loyal to us and our brand. We earned this incredible loyalty from our customers through the consistent supply of premium quality day old chicks year after year, besides providing them with prompt and regular veterinary technical services with a view to optimizing their flock performance. Our customer base consists of 75% large-scale Chicken meat Processors and the rest is made up of medium and small- scale poultry farms.

Bairaha Farms PLC is the pioneer, large scale and quality poultry meat producing Company in the country, having started its operations more than four decades ago. The Bairaha brand has already become a household name in Sri Lanka. The Company is committed to developing innovative products for its customer’s convenience, ensuring food safety and at the same time enhancing their nutritional value. The Company is a fully vertically integrated poultry meat producer with an annual turnover of nearly Rs.5.0 Billion and its operations encompasses Grand Parent Farms (Joint Venture), Parent Farms, Broiler Farms, Broiler Chicken Processing, Manufacture of Value-Added Products and operation of a new state of the art Feed Mill (Joint Venture).


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Caption 1 : – From right to left: Bairaha General Manager (Marketing Services) Claver Fernando, Director Operations Imtizam Wahid; Managing Director Yakooth Naleem, Executive Director Riyal Yakoob & guest Mohamed Imtiaz and other staff of Bairaha Farms PLC participated at the opening ceremony.


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Caption 2: – Bairaha General Manager (Marketing Services) Claver Fernando lights the oil lamp at the ceremony to mark the new DOC Sales Office opening.