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Bairaha celebrated women’s achievements across all divisions in the company on Women’s day

Bairaha celebrated women’s achievements across all divisions in the company on Women’s day


Bairaha Farms Plc is the pioneer and leading poultry integrator engaged in the chicken and meat production sector. It provides consumers with nutritious food for healthy living and recently concluded a series of Women’s day events across their farms, factories, and regional offices located on the island.

The inclusion of women in everything the company does has been in the mantra since its inception. As a mark of respect and also strengthening this fact, a celebration of International Women's Day, was commemorated on the 8th of March 2021. This event was conducted by their own employees in a series of events for the benefit and empowerment of their female employees. The main event was held at the Bairaha grower Farm in Hiripitiya, Kurunegala.

“Women at Bairaha are empowered and participate in all functions in the company. There is no segregation as such for women-only roles. All races and gender work in harmony reaching out to each other for the sole purpose of growing the business. Bairaha has a special place for equality and recognition of all employees- a value that has helped to retain hundreds of workers in the company, that boasts of a diverse culture where women are employed at various levels contributing for a better tomorrow, for years.” Ms. Kumerini Candappa Wickramasinghe, Head of Sales and Marketing at Bairaha Farms PLC, said at the celebration of International Women’s day last week.

With a view to appreciating and recognizing the incredible women, a series of special events were held at the Hiripitiya grower farm to commemorate the special day. Similar events were also held at the regional office, Kalapitiya breeder farms at Urapola, Doloasbage, and Pasyala processing factory.

Meanwhile, a special video produced by the employees of the company on the contribution of women (on a special day) went viral on social media.

This year the company awarded scholarships to two very talented candidates for an MBBS degree in a bid to create a nurturing environment for women who are set to make a change in the world.

Since the company’s inception nearly four decades ago, Bairaha Farms PLC has been committed to social work and has held a number of CSR activities over the years. It has also stayed true to its mission of providing superior quality poultry and meat products that nourish people’s health and has emerged as a trusted brand in every household for quality chicken and chicken meat products (sausages, meatballs, marinates, etc) in Sri Lanka.

Caption : (From left) Bairaha Farms PLC Head of HR Naveen De Silva; Head of Technical Dr. Priyantha Kekunamullage; Farm Manager B.M. Kumudini Sirimanna; Head of Sales & Marketing Kumerini Candappa Wickramasinghe; Personal Administration Group Manager S.P. Kumaradasa; Brand Manager S. Ravin Madusanka & children of Bairaha employees