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Bairaha Farms PLC continues to nurture its eco-system with multi-platform projects

Bairaha Farms PLC continues to nurture its eco-system with multi-platform projects


February 2022, Colombo, Recognizing the need to nurture an educated Sri Lanka, Bairaha Farms PLC continued its purposeful drive for the fourth consecutive year through its hallmark “Bairaha Help to Learn” program. The program offers support to all school-going children of all its employees across all its farms, factories, and offices islandwide. As a result, nearly 600 students of employees who are currently studying in grades one through to 13 across the island, received Bairaha branded school bags and stationery packs through this annual initiative.

Simultaneously, while nurturing the future of the country, on the one hand, Bairaha Farms PLC also provided a powerful purpose by instilling environmentally conscious civic-mindedness to its employees by gifting them with individual miniature potted house plants, to celebrate the dawn of 2022. The potted house plants are gifted with the aim of reinforcing in employees the need to respect and protect nature and care for it responsibly for the future.

Commenting on the multiple initiatives introduced for the benefit of its employees and their families, Yakooth Naleem Managing Director/ Chief Executive officer said, “We take social consciousness very seriously at Bairaha Farms PLC. This is why we are singularly focused on introducing novel product ranges that retain not only the quality of farm freshness but also products that are free from antibiotics, hormones, or added MSG. Equally important is our focus on nourishing the minds of our future generations. We are happy to be involved in their educational journey and take sincere pride in being able to provide children of our extended family with school supplies for the last four years since 2018. But all of this alone is insufficient if we don’t have a healthy planet to live in. And it is in that spirit that we have taken small but significant steps in inculcating the need to protect and preserve the environment we are all a part of". The Bairaha Help to Learn project supports nearly 600 students annually. Each year, much-needed school supplies are gifted to children of employees through an annual event that is held at one of Bairaha Farms’ strategic locations. Since 2018, events have been held at Anamaduwa, Nikaeweratiya & Hiripitiya, and even at its Processing Plant at Pasyala. For this year, the processing factory at Pasyala was selected as the location for the gifting ceremony. By alternating locations for the ceremony, Bairaha Farms PLC aims to enhance greater inclusivity across the organization and ensure that as many of its employees and their families are able to participate, connect and celebrate directly together as one family at these ceremonies at some point in time.

With a heritage spanning close to 50 years, founded in 1975, Bairaha Farms PLC   is proud to have diligently served Sri Lanka for generations. It is one of the few iconic Sri Lankan enterprises that has stood the test of time despite the multiple socio-economic disturbances and challenges the country has faced during its recent history. Throughout the course of its operations, Bairaha Farms PLC has remained true to its course to place the wellbeing and nourishment of Sri Lanka as its key priority. And it does so by balancing nutrition and taste so that all Sri Lankans can experience and enjoy a greater quality of life through the nutritional choices they make.