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Bairaha takes initiative to export chicken

Bairaha takes initiative to export chicken


Bairaha Farms has already been exporting more than Rs. 15.0 million worth of quality frozen broiler chicken per month for the past few months and it is planning to generate a minimum of US$ 1.0 million earnings in exports in the current year.

Bairaha is also looking forward to the support from the government, especially to seek the approval of the agencies of the governments in countries to which we could export, so that Bairaha Farms along with the industry would be able to generate a substantial amount in export earnings which would help to support the local poultry industry as well as the maize production.

Presently, the poultry industry is struggling with excess production. As there is a huge export potential in the world market for chicken due to the African Swine Flu, which has severely affected the production of swine meat and which has, in turn, created a vacuum in the world market for protein. Chicken meat is in an advantageous and strong position to fulfill the shortage created in the world market by the lack of availability of swine meat, at least for the next five to ten years. Last year Bairaha’s joint-venture feed mill, Fortune Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd., supported more than 1000 farmer families by purchasing their corn (maize) to produce feed for poultry.