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Being the trailblazers of the industry in Sri Lanka, we find it to be one of our core obligations to always be responsible. That is why we invest a significant proportion of our resources to implement the most sustainable best practices. From how our teams think every day to multimillion Rupee investments in new technologies, we speak the same language.

For us, sustainability is not just another buzzword. For us, it is a part of our DNA that goes into every decision we make. We consider sustainability should be incorporated in all fronts of our business. Animal farming is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. We take every possible step to ensure that such impacts are minimized. The odor control systems that help to control the odor from the rendering plants and limit greenhouse emissions is one of the latest investments we adopted and implemented. Our plans to go carbon neutral have already begun with a few of our farms already running on hydropower.

Our teams work tirelessly to increase the number of touchpoints we have with the community. In the process, make sure that everyone wins with Bairaha.

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    Community Engagement

    We are a people-centric organization that thrives together with people. Our contract growing schemes and scholarships are some of the initiatives we implemented to thank that community.

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    Employee Engagement 

    Our biggest asset is our dedicated team that makes all this a possibility. Being an equal opportunity organization and staying that way throughout is crucial for us. We love to see our members grow across all vertical, both personally and professionally.

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    Customer Engagement

    Exceeding the expectations of the customers is how we manage to become trailblazers for decades. With a dedicated team to ensure our customers are provided with the support they need; we strive to stay closer to them as they grow to love our brand.

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    Environment Engagement

    Understanding the impact we make to the natural order underlays in every decision we make. From how we use natural resources to how we minimize the harm we cause on the environment; our core values dictate every decision in favor of our planet.