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Our Commitment for Excellence

We are an ever-evolving organization that values the quality of the food we produce over everything else. We have already managed to win the hearts of millions across the nation, being the preferred fresh chicken and processed chicken supplier island-wide.

While we own the largest breeding facilities that power the operations, Bairaha works with local private farmers empowering thousands of lives in both poultry and in agriculture industries. We take pride in our products to be the best. Yet, the continuous growth to become better is a trait we take very seriously. From state-of-the-art technological interventions to research and development of new farming techniques, Bairaha teams are committed to excellence. Learn more about research and development team and their innovations.

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Fresh & Safe

The reliability of each product is of paramount importance to us. To learn further about how much care and precision we give to each item we produce, take a look at our Bairaha Fresh and Safe section.

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Interior of the Bairaha factory with sausage-making equipment and machinery

Production Facility

Evolving for over four decades, we have become one of the largest vertically integrated poultry meat producers in the country. The journey has made us who we are today with production capabilities that match world standards. This enabled us to always serve our customers by understanding their needs and catering them with the best possible options in the market.

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  • Vision

    To achieve complete poultry integration synergies, ultimately gaining export market competitiveness while promoting good environmental and sustainable business practices.

  • Mission

    While maintaining a sustainable organization, providing and supplying poultry products at competitive prices by utilizing efficient processes, advanced technology, economies of scale and vertical integration to maintain competitive prices with a view to expanding customer base, both locally and internationally.