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Our Subsidiaries

Since its inception, Bairaha PLC kept evolving towards becoming a larger organization. Along the journey, we managed to diversify and venture into new avenues, expanding our footprint in the corporate world. As of now, Bairaha PLC owns and manages one of the largest chicken processing facilities in the country. From breeding farms to biological laboratories, our poultry industrial ventures are growing stronger every day.

Following is a quick overview of all the subsidiaries we fully own.

  • Nature's Best

    Nature’s Best Industry Ltd. 

    A BOI-approved company that owns and manages a state-of-the-art broiler farm. Nature’s Best supports the cause of Bairaha by producing the primary resource required for production.

  • Bairaha Trading (Pvt) Ltd.

    Bairaha Trading (Pvt) Ltd.

    The trading arm of the organization was established and functions to import and distribute products required by the poultry industry.

  • Bairaha Foods (Pvt) Ltd.

    Bairaha Foods (Pvt) Ltd.

    This venture is engaged with manufacturing a range of value-added, processed meat products. It includes both pre-cooked and processed meat products.

  • Real Estate Cluster

    Real Estate Cluster

    The real estate arm supports through services such as sourcing and leasing agricultural lands for its family of companies to set up operations around the island. The real estate cluster contains 3 fully-owned subsidiaries.

    1. BF Lands Development Ltd.
    2. Lanka Land Development Ltd.
    3. HCF Land Development Ltd.
  • Siyane Farms

    Siyane Farms Ltd. 

    The key focus is the breeding of day-old chicks. Siyane Farms is one of the critical components that complete the vertical integration of Bairaha production.

  • Bairaha Hill Country

    Hill Country Farms Ltd.

    Hill Country Farms Ltd. Operates breeder farms and a hatchery for the Production of broiler day-old chicks.

  • Fortune G-P Farms (Lanka) Ltd

    Fortune G-P Farms (Lanka) Ltd.

    Its principal activity is the operation of a grandparent broiler breeder farm and hatchery for the production of parent broiler breeder chicks.