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Bairaha Fresh and Safe

The ever-famous Fresh and Safe policy of Bairaha is what we are the proudest of as a company. By being vertically integrated, we ensure that we control the quality of the products to match the highest required standards. Being a household name that is known across the country by everyone of all ages, we consider it our prime responsibility to serve nothing but the best, ensuring the highest quality standards and of course great taste.

When you taste Bairaha products, you can feel the quality that we preserve. With superior standards in freshness and hygiene, while preserving all its nutrition components, Bairaha is a brand that you can trust with all your heart.

Below are some features we perceive to be signature traits that define our products.

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    Prepared with carefully raised broiler chicken under the watchful eyes of experts, Bairaha ensures succulent goodness in every bite. Processed with maintaining the best standards to preserve its natural flavor, Bairaha products lets you relish in every bite!

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    With felicitations by all major associations both locally and internationally, Bairaha products are certified to be the best in the market. The gamut of such accreditations is living proof of our constant dedication to excellence at every step of the process.

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    High Safety Standards

    Accredited with ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP Certifications, each Bairaha product comes with the promise of the highest safety standards.

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    Innovative Packaging and Ease of Use

    Utilizing innovative packaging techniques and products, we ensure all our products carry the freshness of the farm to every home. Each package is optimized to be versatile to facilitate all logistical needs.

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    Community Awareness

    Empowering the community as Bairaha grows is a primary success factor we take very seriously. Our teams work closely with local farmers empowering the community on many fronts, both in a commercial capacity as well as in a charitable capacity.

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    Farm Fresh

    With a network of farms around the island equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, we ensure you get nothing short of farm-fresh produce.

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    High Abundance

    Our logistical teams with the backing of the authorized dealership network ensure that all your favorite products are available to you at your most convenient store throughout the year.