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Ensuring that every step of the production process is carried out with the highest levels of quality standards and ensuring we only procure the best of the best meat for our products at the core of our operations here at Bairaha.

This is the key reason for Bairaha to explore and achieve complete vertical integration of the entire production. Our broiler and outgrows farm operations are dependent on the supply of quality chicks from parent broiler breeder farms and hatchery and which in turn rely on quality parent breeder chicks from Fortune GP Farms; and all our farms depend on the high and consistent quality feed supplied by Fortune Agro Industries. This is solely why Bairaha partnered for joint ventures to ensure what you eat is always reliable as much as the trust you keep in us.

Started in 1976 with a broiler breeder farm and a hatchery, Bairaha has come a very long way to become the pioneers in the market. Apart from investing in vertical integration, we also find it strategically advantageous to invest in backward and forward integration from a business point of view. As the country's economy is experiencing a volatile situation, such investments further strengthen our asset portfolio, making us more immune to the volatility of the macroeconomy.

Explore Range Our Farms and their Processes

  • Bairaha Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
    Logo of Bairaha Trading Pvt Ltd

    Our subsidiary company,
    Bairaha Trading (Pvt) Ltd.,
    was established to import and
    sell products needed by
    the poultry industry.

  • Nature’s Best Industry Ltd
    Logo of Bairaha Nature's Best

    The Company owns and runs
    a state-of-the-art broiler farm.
    It’s a BOI-approved company.

  • Fortune G-P Farms (Lanka) Ltd
    Logo of Fortune G-P Farms (Lanka) LTD

    Its principal activity is the operation
    of a grandparent broiler breeder farm
    and hatchery for the production of
    parent broiler breeder chicks.

  • Bairaha Foods (Pvt) Ltd.
    The Official Logo of Bairaha Farm Plc

    Bairaha Foods (Pvt) Ltd., is engaged
    in the manufacture of a range of
    value-added, pre-cooked
    meat products.