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Since its inception, Bairaha grew with the primary focus to compliment the highest standards of its time. To ensure our consumers about the quality we maintain, we have gained multiple prestigious certifications. From food security to production excellence, our certifications help us position ourselves among the best in the world.

With all these accreditations under our belt, you can be certain that every bite of Bairaha products you enjoy is of premium quality and safe.

The following is the list of certifications we managed to secure over the years. From local accreditation organizations such as SLAB to international ISO certifications and many other health and food safety certifications ensure that we stay in check with our highest standards at all times.

  • GMP Food Certification
    GMP Food Certification
  • GMP Processing Certification
    GMP Processing Certification 
  • HACCP Food Certification
    HACCP Food Certification 
  • iso 22000
    ISO 22000