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BAIRAHA annual Sales Conference 2017/2018

BAIRAHA annual Sales Conference 2017/2018


Bairaha Farms PLC, Sri Lanka’s pioneer and leading chicken processors and suppliers, recently held its first ever national sales conference, the Bairaha Farms PLC Annual Sales Conference for 2017/2018, at The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo.

The sales conference was initiated as a platform to motivate, recognize and reward the company’s sales team. Bairaha recognizes achievements by its loyal sales members to strive for the best results with best practices.

Bairaha Farms PLC’s Annual Sales Conference 2017/2018 was graced by the presence of the company’s key dignitaries, including Managing Director Yakooth Naleem, Executive Director Riyal Yakoob, Operations Director M.I. Wahid, Director Kamil Naleem, Director Mubarak Naleem as well as the sales force of Bairaha.

Bairaha Farms PLC HR Head Navin De Silva welcomed the gathering to the company’s first sales conference, and said: “I am proud and privileged as I stand before you all, to be given the opportunity to make the welcome speech at this national sales conference, a historical event for the renowned Bairaha brand.”

Bairaha Farms PLC Managing Director Yakooth Naleem commended the sales force for the excellent results generated in regards to the sales and went on to make a factual presentation of the company and the industry and to where Bairaha Farms PLC currently stands at this juncture.

The event also saw the participation of one of Sri Lanka’s cricketing legends, a true ambassador of the gentlemen’s game, Roshan Mahanama, who was the guest of honor at the sales conference.

Mahanama shared his experiences on how to counter challenges and how to motivate the sales force of Bairaha, an opportunity that is rare to come by.

Bairaha Farms PLC National Sales Manager Saliya Yapa Bandara opined at the event, thanking the board of directors and senior management of Bairaha for making the occasion success and said that the company has plans to enhance and further expand operations in the sales sector. He also highlighted the sales performance for the year and future plans.

Bairaha Farms PLC Brand Manager Ravin Madusanka said: “The main purpose is to promote our products range to our valuable consumers because we want to win the hearts of our existing & potential consumers and focus to satisfy emerging needs of our consumers.”

Cash rewards were handed over to the best achievers at this year’s sales conference to solidify their stance in performance and to motivate them to strive for better results in the future.

With the formalities of the sales conference ending, the attended sales force and dignitaries were treated to a buffet lunch and networking, along with a valuable Bairaha souvenir made specifically for the participants at the occasion.

Bairaha Farms PLC is also committed towards the betterment of the people and nation of Sri Lanka. Bairaha Farms PLC, being the pioneer chicken processor in the country for well over four decades, is the household name for quality chicken in Sri Lanka. The mission of the company is to provide superior quality poultry and meat products that nourish people’s health.