Exploring Sri Lankan Cooking

Published on Thursday, September 13, 2018 | Category: Sri Lankan Recipes


When it comes to Sri Lankan food, spices and coconut are featured heavily, making Sri Lankan recipes wholly unique. Most of the Sri Lankan recipes took its roots in India where curries took its influences to the wide reaches of the globe – to Africa, Indonesia and beyond.

Main courses in Sri Lanka are almost always rice with a dizzying array of colourful curries that come in every imaginable combination – from fish, shellfish and vegetables to meat and chicken and much more. Chicken dishes are gaining popularity with quality chicken products like Bairaha making cooking chicken dishes all the more easy and flavorful. While recipes in Sri Lanka call for a long list of ingredients, the recipes are very simple and goes together fairly quickly.

At its most extravagant, a rice and curry affair can include half a dozen vegetarian curries, a couple of delicious meat curries, sambols, mallums and papadum. Any lunch without three or four of these components is considered incomplete anywhere in Sri Lanka. While a meal with so many elements can seem a little overwhelming, its colors, textures and flavours are a true representation of the complexity of Sri Lankan food.

Sri Lankan food is, in many ways, similar to that of Southern India, its closest neighbour. But there have been lots of other culinary influences too throughout the island’s long, eventful history. Early Portuguese and Dutch occupation left their mark on certain rice dishes and the British left they’re love for tea with the islanders.
Based on a bedrock of vibrant spices masterfully blended in roasted and unroasted curry powders, Sri Lankan recipes a perfect balance and it does so with exceptional finesses and flair.