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Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages

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  • Bockwurst sausages made with chicken

Enjoy portable, ready, and easy-to-eat Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages that are perfect
when the mood strikes to grab something on your way out - Bairaha has got just what
every one needs!


Unlimited Meal Options

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    • Benefits of Bockwurst Sausages

      Unlimited Meal Options

      Perfect choice for anyone who loves to hike, bike, or go on long car rides. Bairaha Bockwurst Sausagesmaintain their freshness and taste–so you can take them anywhere! In addition, the shelf-stable nature of these sausages makes them great as an appetizer or even a protein-packed meal.

      Quick and Easy to have

      Enjoy a quick and easy snack, or use on sandwiches for an extra tasty meal. You need not prepare them yourself-heat your favorite sandwich with these delicious pre-cooked Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages!

      Natural Ingredients

      Have a perfect gluten-free, zero-MSG alternative to traditional sausages with Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages. Enjoy a flavorful meal anywhere and anytime for deliciousness! Just grab one of these tasty little bundles -they will be sure to satisfy your next craving equally well.

      Rich in Protein

      Enjoy Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages as a new high-protein snack, no matter the occasion. Whether for lunch on the go or for dinner at your next get-together with friends and family -these tasty Bairaha Bockwurst Sausageswill make everyone happy!

      Healthy Option

      Free from unnecessary ingredients like gluten or any other food additives that can cause digestive problems for some people, we care about making sure our sausages are made with only 100% natural chicken parts -no binders! Free from hormones and nitrates, which makes it healthier than most competing brands on store shelves today.

      Enjoy with Family

      Have a mouth-watering delight for the whole family. With our unique blend of soy, garlic, and ginger in every bite, you'll be addicted! The unique and delicious flavor of our slow-cooked Bairaha Bockwurst Sausage is a perfect match for your family.

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Nutrition Facts(as per - serving)

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Iron Calcium Sodium Total Fat
220.4kcal 13.1g 8.7g 2.6mg 38.8mg 88.36mg 15.9g

Key Product Highlights 

  • Antibiotics Free
  • No Added Hormones

Note: For best results, keep frozen at -18°C or below. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.