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Bairaha Chicken Burgers

  • A scrumptious chicken burger
  • Bairaha Chicken Burger slices
  • A delicious chicken burger

When you're looking for an easy yet decadent meal, the Bairaha Chicken Burgers will surely impress.


Be The Maestro in Your Kitchen

  • Bairaha Chicken Burger slices
    • Benefits of Bairaha Chicken Burgers

      Simply Delicious and Tasty

      Get your hands on some Bairaha Chicken Burgers to enjoy a juicy, moist burger, with their unique flavor, and tender chicken that stays fresh even after being microwaved! No more dry burgers - once you try these tasty treats from Bairaha, there won't be any other kind of burgers with comparable taste anymore.

      Natural Ingredients

      Offering you gluten-free Bairaha Chicken Burgers with no use of any hormones, antibiotics, grain, or soy in whole preparation.

      Serving Styles

      Create new flavor combinations by topping them with burger sauce, tomato slices, avocado mash (or guacamole), red onion rings, ketchup, and mustard for added spice! In addition, these delicious burgers can be given a healthy twist by pairing up with lettuce, gherkins, or pickles!

      Short On Time?

      Bairaha Burgers offer you the most convenient way to enjoy a juicy, delectable burger at your home, hostel, or office. It takes less than five minutes of cooking time, making them suitable for those who don't have much time during lunch break!

      Be The Maestro in Your Kitchen

      Be the maestro in your kitchen with a delicious selection of foods. The frozen Bairaha Chicken Burgers will surprise guests every time they take one bite! Place it on medium heat (160°C) for 3 to 5 minutes and enjoy this quick meal as an appetizer or main meal on any occasion.

      Ready to Eat

      Have a perfect, juicy, and flavorful quick meal. We utilize an innovative process that allows us to seal in all of their flavors immediately after production so you can enjoy them right out of the package!


      Perfect for any treat or a party! These are available in 250g and 500g packs so that you can easily plan or stock up when needed. You'll never have a shortage of burgers again with our delicious selection.

Product Availability

  • 500g pack
  • 250g pack

Nutrition Facts(as per - serving)

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Iron Calcium Sodium Total Fat
197.8kcal 17.2g 1.3g 0.16mg 17.0mg 60.10mg 15.2g

Key Product Highlights 

  • Antibiotics Free
  • No Added Hormones

Note: For best results, keep frozen at -18°C or below. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.