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Bairaha Chicken Sausages

  • Tasty Bairaha chicken sausages
  • Tasty chicken sausages
  • Flavorful chicken sausages

Bringing you a top class consignment of ready to eat, plump, and tasty Bairaha Chicken Sausages that have endless reasons as to what makes them the best!



  • Bairaha chicken sausages
    • Benefits of Bairaha Chicken Sausages

      Excellent Quality Care

      Offering tender, juicy Chicken Sausages with 100% fresh ingredients and spices, Bairaha Chicken Sausages are free from any artificial flavor enhancers, MSG, and are crafted by master chefs for you to enjoy them at their best!


      Enjoy mouthwatering Bairaha Chicken Sausages on its own or add a little something special for an extra kick like lemon juice, cheese, mustard sauce, or even pesto sauce or mayonnaise - whatever suits you best!


      Have a healthier and more nutritious alternative to red meat with Bairaha Chicken Sausages, as these have higher levels of protein, fiber, and iron. In addition, the lower calorie and fat count makes it easier for people who want to lose/maintain their weight!


      Packed with flavor, Bairaha Chicken Sausages are an excellent snack when you need something to tide over your appetite. Heat, chill or serve right out of the package for those nights when you're in a hurry! Use in any recipe that calls for sausage; from pan-frying to grilling, they'll add great flavor!

      Ideal Solution

      Perfect solution when curling up on the couch, in bed, or anywhere else! Pack some in your bag to take with you when camping or make great party snacks with friends and family during movie night gatherings or a simple get-together.


      Available in five different packaging packs, so you can take your snacks with ease wherever life takes you! Weighing 60g, 150g, 300g, 500g, and 1kg with gluten-free goodness that has been hygienically vacuum-packed for your safety!

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Nutrition Facts(as per - serving)

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Iron Calcium Sodium Total Fat
220.4kcal 13.1g 8.7g 2.6mg 38.8mg 88.86mg 15.6g

Quality, taste, and customer experience are our top priorities. We guarantee your satisfaction with every Bairaha Chicken Sausage!

Key Product Highlights

  • Antibiotics Free
  • No Added Hormones

Note: For best results, keep frozen at -18°C or below. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.