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Cheese and Onion Chicken Sausages

  • Bairaha Cheese and Onion Chicken Sausages
  • Bairaha Cheese and Onion Chicken Sausages

Enjoy a perfect meal with your friends and family with Bairaha Cheese and Onion
Sausages. The classic combination of creamy cheese, and fresh onions make this
product satisfying for all palettes!

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Tasty and Delicious Serving

  • Sausages with cheese and onion
    • Benefits of Marinated Chicken

      Perfect Meal Options

      Enjoy a quick solution with very less cooking required; no cleanup required with our pre-cooked Bairaha Marinated Chicken Products, so there's nothing more than opening up a pack or two at home before heading out again whenever hunger strikes. It’s the perfect solution when you're on the go and need something easy to prepare that won't take too much of your time.

      Chemical Free

      Marinated chicken helps reduce the carcinogenic compounds found in high heat grilling and broiling, like HCA or PAHs. This can certainly be helpful for those who are health-conscious.

      Relieve Stress

      Marinated chicken has tryptophan, vitamin B5 and is also full of magnesium, which relieves PMS symptoms. Also, not worrying about cooking the meal in a busy life can definitely help you lead life with very less stress.


      Having Bairaha Marinated Chicken Products is a perfect solution for keto or other weight-loss diets. It is lean meat, which means it doesn't have much fat (the marinade cuts excess fats in chicken).

      Delicious and Mouthwatering Flavor

      Bairaha Marinated Chicken Products takes fresh lemon's tanginess and combines it with soy sauce, olive oil, cilantro, etc. The acidity in both ingredients helps to tenderize chicken while adding depth for an unforgettable flavor!

    • Benefits of Cheese & Onion Chicken Sausages

      Perfect of Any Meal

      Get your munchies satisfied with these yummy Cheese and Onion Chicken Sausage bites. These perfect sausages will make the perfect meal option for you anytime during the day, especially for those lazy weekend breakfasts in bed during the holidays!

      Enjoy Creative Dishes

      Devour our yummy treats with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, even salsa or dip - whatever your heart desires! Get creative by adding these savory chunks into anything from omelets, tacos, toast, sandwiches, salads, burritos, nachos, wraps, rice, noodles, pizzas. The possibilities are endless!

      Premium Quality and Standard

      Bairaha is committed to producing only the finest sausages by using only premium ingredients and top-caliber chicken. These delicately flavored, seasoned sausages are a definite party pleaser as they're just so good! In all of our recipes, we never compromise on quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


      Made from high-grade Bairaha chicken & the best ingredients sourced from selected suppliers, flavored with Cheese and Onion, the ingredients are finely minced and blended with well-balanced spices that comply with strict hygiene rules for production and of course quality-checked by our expertise at Bairaha.
      Tasty and Delicious Serving

      Dig into this tasty snack with a dip! They can be either grilled using small quantities or microwaved and served. It is important not only what goes into your mouth but also how it tastes so you can enjoy every bite! 


      Offering you fully-cooked chicken sausages, bursting with flavor. Great for BBQs, in buns, or an easy bake casserole, as well as being an evening snack that you can grab from the fridge without any fussing around!

    • Benefits of Bockwurst Sausages

      Unlimited Meal Options

      Perfect choice for anyone who loves to hike, bike, or go on long car rides. Bairaha Bockwurst Sausagesmaintain their freshness and taste–so you can take them anywhere! In addition, the shelf-stable nature of these sausages makes them great as an appetizer or even a protein-packed meal.

      Quick and Easy to have

      Enjoy a quick and easy snack, or use on sandwiches for an extra tasty meal. You need not prepare them yourself-heat your favorite sandwich with these delicious pre-cooked Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages!

      Natural Ingredients

      Have a perfect gluten-free, zero-MSG alternative to traditional sausages with Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages. Enjoy a flavorful meal anywhere and anytime for deliciousness! Just grab one of these tasty little bundles -they will be sure to satisfy your next craving equally well.

      Rich in Protein

      Enjoy Bairaha Bockwurst Sausages as a new high-protein snack, no matter the occasion. Whether for lunch on the go or for dinner at your next get-together with friends and family -these tasty Bairaha Bockwurst Sausageswill make everyone happy!

      Healthy Option

      Free from unnecessary ingredients like gluten or any other food additives that can cause digestive problems for some people, we care about making sure our sausages are made with only 100% natural chicken parts -no binders! Free from hormones and nitrates, which makes it healthier than most competing brands on store shelves today.

      Enjoy with Family

      Have a mouth-watering delight for the whole family. With our unique blend of soy, garlic, and ginger in every bite, you'll be addicted! The unique and delicious flavor of our slow-cooked Bairaha Bockwurst Sausage is a perfect match for your family.

    • Benefits of Bairaha Chicken Burgers

      Simply Delicious and Tasty

      Get your hands on some Bairaha Chicken Burgers to enjoy a juicy, moist burger, with their unique flavor, and tender chicken that stays fresh even after being microwaved! No more dry burgers - once you try these tasty treats from Bairaha, there won't be any other kind of burgers with comparable taste anymore.

      Natural Ingredients

      Offering you gluten-free Bairaha Chicken Burgers with no use of any hormones, antibiotics, grain, or soy in whole preparation.

      Serving Styles

      Create new flavor combinations by topping them with burger sauce, tomato slices, avocado mash (or guacamole), red onion rings, ketchup, and mustard for added spice! In addition, these delicious burgers can be given a healthy twist by pairing up with lettuce, gherkins, or pickles!

      Short On Time?

      Bairaha Burgers offer you the most convenient way to enjoy a juicy, delectable burger at your home, hostel, or office. It takes less than five minutes of cooking time, making them suitable for those who don't have much time during lunch break!

      Be The Maestro in Your Kitchen

      Be the maestro in your kitchen with a delicious selection of foods. The frozen Bairaha Chicken Burgers will surprise guests every time they take one bite! Place it on medium heat (160°C) for 3 to 5 minutes and enjoy this quick meal as an appetizer or main meal on any occasion.

      Ready to Eat

      Have a perfect, juicy, and flavorful quick meal. We utilize an innovative process that allows us to seal in all of their flavors immediately after production so you can enjoy them right out of the package!


      Perfect for any treat or a party! These are available in 250g and 500g packs so that you can easily plan or stock up when needed. You'll never have a shortage of burgers again with our delicious selection.

Product Availability

  • 150g pack
  • 250g pack

Nutrition Facts(as per - serving)

Energy Protein Carbohydrate Iron Calcium Sodium Total Fat
178kcal 11.2g 15.7g 1.55mg 77.4mg 86.95mg 7.84g

Key Product Highlights 

  • Antibiotics Free
  • No Added Hormones

Note: For best results, keep frozen at -18°C or below. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.