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9 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Chicken

9 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Chicken

January 21, 2020

People all over the world love chicken, from health-conscious folk to those that frequent fast-food joints. When it comes to our little island too, there’s no shortage of mouthwatering Sri Lankan chicken recipes to enjoy. With great versatility. taste and low food cost, chicken’s neutral flavor, and healthy nutritional profile make it especially adaptable to a number of different menu styles. Here are 9 delicious ways to enjoy chicken and keep everyone in the family happy:

Chicken and Waffles

Soul food that is famous worldwide, this dish features crispy fried chicken with waffles together with chicken gravy or butter. Roast or stewed chicken is also a great substitute for fried chicken in this lip-smacking dish. The waffles can also be enjoyed with varying ingredients like cornmeal or sliced scallions, making this chicken dish one that is worth tasting.

Fried Chicken

As simple as it may sound, this ultimate chicken specialty is still going strong in restaurants and homes everywhere. Fried chicken is perfect when served family-style with accompaniments like mac and cheese, a medley of greens, and other homestyle sides. Brines and rubs like buttermilk, pickle juice, and mixed spice rubs add that extra bit of oomph, moisture, and flavor to fried chicken, making it a dish that everyone loves immensely.

Chicken Salads

A Ceasar salad topped with succulent grilled chicken breast strips is definitely tasty but there are so many other ways to enjoy this popular protein in healthy salads. Traditional chicken salad dishes like Cobb salad with cubed or shredded chicken and Chinese Chicken salad are among the favorites. Those looking for a healthy chicken recipe without compromising on taste can also enjoy a number of chicken salad variations with greens and mayonnaise- simple, healthy, and utterly delicious.

Chicken Wings

For a chicken specialty that has been there for so long, it’s amazing to see how much people still love chicken wings and other handheld chicken delicacies like boneless wings, tenders, and chicken poppers. The popularity of chicken wings has been growing over the years and it’s little wonder considering how delicious this miniature finger food can be. Whether it’s grilled, fried, spicy, or mild, the love for chicken wings is endless. Chicken wings can be enjoyed in so many different ways, from the familiar Buffalo-style to the more exotic and exciting versions like Honey Sriracha and salted caramel.

Chicken Sandwiches

There’s no doubt that chicken is the most preferred protein for sandwiches and wraps. With accompaniments like fiery or sweet sauces, potato chips, and different kinds of fries and cheese galore, nothing beats a delicious chicken sandwich when the hunger pangs hit and you crave for something fulfilling, and tasty. Next time you try a chicken sandwich, try different versions of cooking chicken like crispy marinated chicken breast, grilled teriyaki chicken, or pan-fried cashew crusted chicken breast and you’ll fall in love even more with chicken sandwiches.

Roast Chicken

If you think of roast chicken as a boring chicken dish, think again. Restaurants around the world are upping the game with elevated takes on this classic favorite and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it and home too. Enjoy roast chicken with accompaniments like crisp toasts, pasta variations, rice variations, or simply varying the stuffings in the typical roast chicken dish.

Chicken Comfort Food

Chicken plays a major role in some of the world’s most popular comforting food, from the traditional favorites like Chicken Fricassee and Chicken Pot Pie to ethnic dishes like the beloved Arroz Con Pollo (flavourful chicken and rice) and Chicken Tikka Masala (spicy marinated chicken smothered in a tomato cream sauce). Comfort food represents meals that are much loved, readily available, and packed full of flavor. Extra rotisserie chicken or roast chicken, pre-cooked chicken breasts, and chicken legs and thighs offer all the necessities of comfort food and are easy to prepare into a fully-fledged comforting meal too.

Chicken Soup

The most popular soup variety of all, chicken soups comes in a myriad of different styles. Beyond the classic chicken noodle soup, there are so many different kinds of chicken soup varieties to enjoy, from elegant cream of chicken soup to exciting affairs like the chicken tortilla soup. Chicken soup is also a very healthy option and an excellent dish that helps incorporate other healthy ingredients like greens, vegetables, beans, and grains like oats and barley.

International Chicken Inspirations

Chichen has enjoyed the world over and that means there’s no shortage of scrumptious and interesting chicken recipes to try out. Here are a few international chicken dishes to get started:

  • Vietnamese chicken pho
  • Caribbean jerk chicken
  • Hungarian chicken paprikash
  • Japanese chicken teriyaki
  • Russian-style chicken Kiev
  • Creole chicken and sausage gumbo
  • Mexican chicken enchiladas
  • Indian tandoori chicken
  • Filipino chicken adobo
  • Italian Chicken Parmesan
  • Greek chicken souvlaki

Which of these internationally famous chicken dishes would you like to try?